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Looking for work in the Middle East (Dubai, Doha, etc - help please)

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Soveryupset Thu 27-Aug-15 13:20:52

my DH was made redundant back in May and can't find any work at all. Has applied for well over 80 vacancies across the UK - he is an IT Programme Manager with 20 years' experience - and has not had any luck in securing a job, so is looking further afield as an alternative option.

Does anyone know any reputable agencies operating in the Middle East? He is hoping that this could open another avenue. We looked around and there didn't seem to be many and/or was told there are a few that do not have a good reputation, so was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.
Thanks in advance!!!

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TheAussieProject Fri 28-Aug-15 02:29:03

There are quite a few MN in Middle East and you can find them in the Living Overseas section. Try posting there.

PrincessMarcheline Fri 28-Aug-15 04:35:07

Have a look at

millionsmom Fri 28-Aug-15 05:51:49

Hi there,
I'm in the ME right now, and firms are laying off IT folks, so he might have a hard time finding anything. Part of the problem is a lot of locals go into IT, it's seen as an easy job, the industry is over subscribed to start with. Oil prices are half what they used to be - I wish the big players would stop the petty game they're playing - firms are really cutting back on 'expensive' staff. Expats are generally paid a lot more than local hires, so we tend to be first in the firing line.

I hope he finds something soon.

Soveryupset Sat 29-Aug-15 14:17:01

Thank you for your messages. I will hop across to the living abroad boards.

My DH noticed a distinct lack of adverts in IT jobs, especially the higher paid/higher level ones. That explains why then.

He'll just have to keep plugging away both here and wherever there are opportunities! It is scary being without work, with a family. I feel so very grateful I made the decision to keep my career going, or else we would be in a VERY different position now.

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Dubaicity Thu 02-Nov-17 18:49:51

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adil1000 Thu 01-Nov-18 07:47:30

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