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Keeping in Touch days, what can my employer give me (or not)?

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namechangeforissue Thu 20-Aug-15 11:13:51

I came back to work after DC2 a few months ago and my annual leave year is nearly at an end. I worked some KiT days while on mat leave and my work policy is that you get ToiL.

Everything I can find on the web is that they have to pay you for these, but I can't find anywhere with what is legal regarding ToiL. I took time off by working more part time than my regular pattern, when I first started back, but I didn't use them all up.

I want to carry them forward to the next leave year, ordinarily we don't get to do this or if we do it's "at the discretion of the manager" and is only for a couple of months (I don't really need AL in the first couple of months of the leave year).

The employer's mat leave policy doesn't say that you can't carry these forward. My argument is, what if I started back at work 1 week before the end of the AL year? Would I have to take all of them as AL before the leave year ended?

But DH says it's related to pay - if they force me to give them up I haven't been paid for them. He isn't actually sure they are allowed to offer ToiL for these.

Anyone got anything relating to this I can point to?

namechangeforissue Thu 20-Aug-15 13:13:52

Small bump in case anyone knows anything!

Snausage Thu 17-Sep-15 17:36:29

Do you have an employee handbook/are these mentioned in your contract? If they're offering you TOiL then I presume that they will be at full pay. My employee handbook states specifically that these are at full pay, and the rate should be agreed beforehand.

IF they are making you take them as TOiL, then they will have to be flexible. These are not annual leave days and should not be treated as such. These are days that you have worked and, by rights, should be paid for.

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