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New job NHS

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ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Thu 13-Aug-15 22:04:22

Was just wondering after being offered NHS job how long until starting? I've my pre-employment checks appointment on Monday.
It's a HCSW post.
Thanks smile

starpatch Tue 18-Aug-15 21:29:58

Usually 3 months absolute minimum I'm starting next week took 7 months!

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Sun 23-Aug-15 22:04:24

wow 7 months is a long time!!

LemonPied Sun 23-Aug-15 22:08:57

Took four months for me. Absolutely ridiculous.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sun 23-Aug-15 22:10:46

Six weeks for me.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Sun 23-Aug-15 22:23:30

My Dbs came back last week so waiting on references and OHealth so I'm hoping it won't be long.

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