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Job interviews! Have some, hate them. Help needed

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jellyjiggles Wed 12-Aug-15 19:27:45

I'm looking for work. I'm doing loads of applications and thankfully beginning to get interviews. Interviews kill me. I could literally throw up and I'm a wreck afterwards until I get the phone call.

These jobs are varied but middle management/lecturing level roles.

I'm fine with personal appearance. It's giving good answers on the spot I need help with.

Bluebird79 Wed 12-Aug-15 20:32:45

Hi Jelly, I felt the same when I returned to the workplace a few years back. However! I mastered a good technique for interviews. Always, ALWAYS have the scenario in your head to answer the following questions:
"How did you improve/resolve/overcome XXX"
"What are your weaknesses"
"Tell us how you improved XXX area in your last job"
Those questions may be phrased differently, relating to what you do, but what the panel are looking for is a (short) story of 1. the problem 2. the solution 3. the (positive) end result.

Every interview answer should follow this path. Always use examples from your last role and always end on a positive note. If you think hard I bet you can come up with a hundred ways you made a difference to where you last worked. Just talk up the way you resolved any issues. For your weakness question, say something like "being part time sometimes meant I was always catching up and often missed out on vital information, so I came up with the idea of weekly team briefings and information sharing, so I really felt I resolved that" or something along those lines. Never say "I am weak at...." They are really looking for you to say how you overcame that weakness. The main thing to remember is that you need to keep things positive, be prepared with your scenarios, and try to appear calm.

I have been offered six new roles in the last five years. I work in HR and interview often, so I my advice is coming from a practical standpoint and I hope it helps smile

jellyjiggles Thu 13-Aug-15 10:39:03

That's great advice bluebird thank you

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