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Negotiating finish times in job offer

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easter1234 Sun 09-Aug-15 16:49:50

1st time poster but been a lurker for yearssmile
Would appreciate some MN advice!
Have had verbal offer of new PT job in another org, but still waiting for formal offer - need by tomorrow so can hand in as on leave from current job after then for a while

I Need to finish by 2.30 as I do in current job due to A number of reasons
Seemed to have verbal agreement to finish time I need but they will review 'after a few weeks' according to HR contact I spoke to Friday.

Should I call org contact yet again and ask for a 3 month review, I feel that's fair on both sides, how can they know after a few weeks?
I do these hours now and can get everything done usually or finish anything urgent at home later in evening - not a problem.

I have said I could do until 2.45 if really pushed but think I would get very anxious and stressed if then stuck in traffic so 2.30 would be better. They had said until 3pm at first but I have already said I'm sorry I can't do that.

They had already told me the number of hours/days I will work as its a job share and other half got first choice, but I'm Ok with that as am sort of switching careers.


Any advice/thoughts appreciated!

easter1234 Mon 10-Aug-15 07:48:41

any thoughts please confused

RepeatAdNauseum Mon 10-Aug-15 07:53:12

If 2:30 is essential, I'd be nervous about accepting and them deciding that this arrangement doesn't work and they want you there longer after a few weeks.

What was the original end time? Was 3pm a compromise from their side?

If you're expecting the contract today, I'd wait and see what it says about hours in that.

catzpyjamas Mon 10-Aug-15 07:55:24

I would ask if the finishing time could be put in writing in the formal written offer and any subsequent contract if it is important to you. If it's not in the offer, write it into any acceptance - "I am keen to accept your offer of employment but will only be able to if the discussed finishing time of 2.30pm can be made contractual".
Good luck!

mishmash5 Mon 10-Aug-15 16:01:49

Ask for the finishing time to be put in writing. If 2.30 is essential then stick with that. Could you offer to do a shorter lucnch or make up that extra half hour at home? It all depends on their reason why 3pm is the norm.

But there is no harm in trying to see of you work round it but highlight the benfits for them.

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