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What to put on my CV having not gone back to work since ML?

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clairedunphy Tue 04-Aug-15 13:42:35

I'm amending my CV as I haven't updated it since having DC2 in Feb 2014. I was self employed but since going on mat leave my work dried up and I decided to de-register as self employed for a while.

I now want to start applying for work and / or thinking about self employment again but I don't know what wording to use on my CV to explain the gap since the beginning of 2014. I'll have my self employed section to Jan 2014, then...?

Do people actually put "stay at home parent", or "not working due to family commitments", or what? And what sort of detail would you expect to see in that section?

It feels like it should be really obvious, but I just feel stumped, and as though I'm having to make excuses for not having been in work. I'm feeling irritated enough already that I just know I'll struggle to find something half decent or interesting to suit the hours I need. But that's another whole debate of course!


clairedunphy Tue 04-Aug-15 19:08:35


NiceCardigan Tue 04-Aug-15 19:26:04

I just put "career break" for the gap

Want2bSupermum Tue 04-Aug-15 19:34:45

Put relevant experience and don't use dates for your employment.

clairedunphy Tue 04-Aug-15 19:40:25

Thank you, so it's OK to not have dates? I've always thought that you have to demonstrate a consistent career history and that employers look for gaps and want to know what you were doing.

It's ages since I've had to submit a CV so I might be out of date!

"Career break" could work, I do feel like it would immediately penalise me, but maybe I'll have to live with that.

museumum Tue 04-Aug-15 19:47:08

I'd be tempted to just put self-employed from: x-date with no "to" date.
At first glance people will think it means to now.
If you get as far as a conversation you can say verbally that you wound down for family reasons 18mo ago and are now ready to throw yourself back into work.
That way you avoid prejudice before people meet you but also are honest with those who do meet you.

clairedunphy Tue 04-Aug-15 19:55:48

Good idea museum, actually I think that's already what I've got on there but I felt like I ought to change it. The way you put it makes me feel better though!

clairedunphy Tue 04-Aug-15 19:56:59

I like your wording about winding down too, it sounds like I had some kind of plan... hmm

WeSailTonightForSingapore Tue 04-Aug-15 20:07:29

DH is in a similar position. He was /is a sahd after finishing his PhD. On his cv he doesn't put anything referencing sahp, but in cover letters he does mention that he was /is a sahp - this accounts for gaps in the cv since in our field you are expected to have a consistent career and publication history. What you say about being a sahp might also depend on the sector you are targeting. We work in academia, which is traditionally more liberal and relaxed many ways, than the private sector. I personally wouldn't bat an eyelid if I saw this (or any other career break) on a cv, so it's worth checking out what the trend is in your particular sector, op.

clairedunphy Tue 04-Aug-15 21:21:36

Thank you again, useful thoughts, and nice idea about mentioning it in a cover letter. Seems such a shame that it should be anything other than just stating that you've been a sahp without any concerns about it ruling you out before you've even started.

NiceCardigan Tue 04-Aug-15 22:53:04

I think WeSail is right it depends on the sector you are targeting. I've worked in the charitable sector and now at a financial institution and a longish gap hasn't been a problem as job applications were more "skills" based.

Want2bSupermum Wed 05-Aug-15 17:13:01

If I were in your position I would not mention being a SAHP at all on your CV or cover letter. IME it's different for men who are returning to work. For some reason a woman who has taken time out for their family is seen as not as committed as someone who has continued working.

The important point is to not lie on your CV at all. I think to say 'from [date]' for your self employment is a great way of presenting yourself if this is your only gap. I like the 'I decided to wind it down' but would also say your prefer working as an employee rather than being self employed.

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