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Mileage pay!

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Ihavenobrain Mon 03-Aug-15 09:58:28

Been offered a job £7.80 an hour care in the community travelling no more than 7 ish miles between clients. The mileage is included in the hourly rate!
Is this a rip off?
I'm due to go and pay out £50 this morning for a crb and not sure whether to go now!

Epilepsyhelp Mon 03-Aug-15 09:59:30

Are you paid for the travel time or only the time you're at the houses?

QforCucumber Mon 03-Aug-15 10:01:37

Mileage can be claimed at 45p a mile, so you would need to work out your weekly miles and if the rates cover that and if it would be worth it then.

Ihavenobrain Mon 03-Aug-15 10:24:32

Travel time too

sanfairyanne Mon 03-Aug-15 10:36:55

sounds a total rip off to me. what would your 'real' hourly pay be?

Ihavenobrain Mon 03-Aug-15 10:45:40

I don't know what the real hourly rate would be and won't know the miles until I do the work. Mm what to do!

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 03-Aug-15 10:51:17

So, £7.80 per hour for community care. PLUS being paid for your travelling time between calls (are you sure. this is extremely rare?) PLUS 45p per mile expenses?

That is actually a really good deal for the sector! I do the same job at £7.00 per hour with 25p per mile travelling expenses and definitely not paid for travelling time between calls!

If you actually want to be a community carer, you may struggle to find better terms elsewhere TBH.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 03-Aug-15 10:53:14

Oh, sorry, I see that mileage is included in the hourly rate - so not 45p per mile extra.

Did you mean that travel time was also included in the hourly rate, or did you mean that was paid as an extra?

LIZS Mon 03-Aug-15 10:54:43

In the care sector it would be unusual to be paid for travel time and mileage.

BagsyThisName Mon 03-Aug-15 10:54:56

So I your travel time AND your mileage expenses included in that hourly rate or just the travel time?

addictedtosugar Mon 03-Aug-15 10:55:16

Paid travel time is pretty rare, I believe.
How long would 7 miles take round you? I'd guess 20 mins???? So £2.60. 7 miles at 45p per miles would be 3.15. So not that different???

Ihavenobrain Mon 03-Aug-15 10:55:31

I would get paid when I leave my house. It's a small area.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 03-Aug-15 10:58:44

Then no, you are not being ripped off compared to other employers in the field.

Chasingsquirrels Mon 03-Aug-15 10:59:20

If you get paid less than 45p per mile you can claim tax relief on the difference.
If your pay is just for your time (which this sounds like) then you can claim.
Whether this is worthwhile depends on your income - if you aren't doing enough hours to pay tax then obviously you can claim.
If you are then you you get 20% of 45p per mile.
You would have to complete a tax return though.

Chasingsquirrels Mon 03-Aug-15 11:00:26

Sorry - you can NOT claim tax relief if you don't earn enough to pay tax.

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