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changing to a 'permanent' role - scared

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sharron6970 Mon 27-Jul-15 22:09:58

After being made redundant last year, I got a temp position which lasted all of a week, due to appalling training. Spent two weeks unemployed then got another temp role in November of last yr - now. Start my new role next wk and terrified of things going wrong again. Its a role I used to do 20 odd years ago before kids. When I told a friend of mine, she had nothing good to say about the firm or the person I will be working for, which has compounded my anxiety. What if I am not good enough in that I can't keep up with the workload? I'll be sacked then what-will I be able to get a reference off them? Will benefits agency pay up? I certainly won't leave if I have no job to go to, but need a permanent role. This is the only one that has presented itself in months. Need help to sort out how I feel about it, and going forward. Thanks x

Wheatley Tue 28-Jul-15 11:23:02

Just try it and see..meanwhile keep on the lookout for other jobs and opportunities. Remember nothing is forever and if they sack you then you will be eligible for benefits. Try some positive thinking and remember we often get what we think we will get. So ask the universe to make this work and then you will increase your chances. Tell yourself you will be great at this job, tell yourself 3 x in the mirror morning noon and night and you might even start believing in yourself. You CAN do this - you know you can,
wishing you best of luck,

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