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Anyone able to give me a crash course in how to go about applying for PT hours? And all the stuff that goes alongside it (IE Working Tax Credits)

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Totality22 Mon 20-Jul-15 19:09:43

I am half way through a year long maternity leave with DC2. Due back in January.

I will have a 3 year old and a 1 year old when I go back.

I managed to work FT after DC1 as I had family help with childcare but I wont have that this time.

My company [private sector software co.] aren't very progressive. There is scope for some people to work from home but no part-timers. It is a very male dominated company and I am the only woman who has ever returned after ML there were two before me but neither came back after having their babies

I was told when I went back last time there would be no offer of PT but this time I am going to put a formal request in as per the GOVT website / ACAS.

I want to go from 37.5h per week to 22.5h (or even 19.5 - I am undecided just yet) and I want this to fall on the days DC1 will be at nursery.

I have been with my company 13 years, didn't have a single day off when I came back after DC1 and have an exemplary record in terms of attendance, punctuality and productivity. I am a fee earner and do get a performance based bonus but I am going to propose that I take on a non fee earning role, and have my current salary prorated. With my company knowledge I can do in 3 days what my direct manager is proposing to employ someone to do over 5 days head office have given a verbal go ahead to an additional member in my team but it has not come to fruition, I am proposing I will be that additional team member. The person who has taken over my role would be happy to stay on...

Do you think I have a case? Any pointers or suggestions?
Anything legal I can hit my company with?

Also how do working tax credits apply if I reduce my hours? I have never claimed before so not sure. Partner will not be earning when I go back as he'll be in education.

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