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Maranello4 Sat 18-Jul-15 22:10:10

I've seen a few threads on general coaching but nothing on the leadership side so thought I'd start a new thread. About me - I'm 38 and am in a managerial role as well as a career coach at a business school. I've previously worked in HR grad rec and L&D roles in Financial Services and did an MSc Occupational Psychology. I'm potentially interested in pursuing more of an Executive/ Lesdership Development Manager role and wondered if there was anyone who works in this area - either for an organisation or independently? If so, are there any specific skills, qualifications or experience that you look for? There are lots of training/qualification providers out there, such as The Coaching Academy, Aoec, Meyler Campbell, The Executive Coaching Consultancy, CIPD (eg there are new qualifications in Talent Development) etc - are any of these worth it?

Sorry, lots of questions and clearly want to do my research before committing to anything smile Thank you

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