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Interview for marketing role - help!

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feelingthechill Sat 18-Jul-15 16:56:26

I have an interview on Monday for a marketing comms role and I'm a bit terrified. It's my first interview for ten years as I've freelanced and worked from home for quite a few years so I'm really out of practice!! And I really want the job as it's a great fit. Can anyone help lwith ideas on what sort of questions they might ask me? Will they ask me to do a presentation? (Dreading this) Apart from the obvious like researching the company, what can I do to prepare?

Thanks for reading and for any advice!!

Maranello4 Sat 18-Jul-15 21:17:42

Hi there! That's great news - congratulations! It depends who is interviewing you - do HR or someone in the team. I would expect a mixture of motivational questions (why the role, why this organisation), a few competency-based (describe a time when.... usually on something linked to their values eg team work, taking responsibility etc) and commercial awareness (eg describe a recent campaign that you really admire, what campaigns have the organisation you've applied to worked on - what did you think of them?).

ThinkAboutItTomorrow Sat 18-Jul-15 21:20:34

If it was me interviewing you i'd be looking to learn how much you knew about the big stuff that's changed in marketing in the last 10 years. So social and digital channels and how to create content rather than comms.

andadietcoke Sat 18-Jul-15 21:27:00

Yes - lots of innovations in SoMe and SEM. If specific to comms then you might want to look at email campaign software, trends in open rates, content etc.

chocolatechip123 Fri 24-Jul-15 16:07:21

Check out their competitors, see what they are up to.

What's new in the industry?

Google them and see if they are visible online. Also check out for negative stuff (how would you manage that?).

Review your CV - its easy to forget the great stuff you've done!

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