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Maternity clothes or a sack?

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Fluffy24 Fri 17-Jul-15 10:54:11


I'm going back to work soon after having bub in January.

I have really awkward proportions now that mean my maternity clothes fit best and give me a shape but getting non maternity ones mean I end up looking like I'm wearing a sack.

Can I get away with wearing maternity clothes, accepting they might make me look pregnant, or better with the sack?? hmm

I have already decided to stick to leggings or maternity trousers but tops are giving problems! (I'm a 16 but my huge BF boobs need a size 20).

AuntieStella Fri 17-Jul-15 11:07:04

Try Pepperberry for clothes cut to fit the large of nork, rather than large all over.

I think it's generally better to have proper work clothes, even if it is only a couple of tops at this stage; no hard reason, just general feeling that dressing for the role is usually a good thing, and returning from a break is a time when even little choices can help you fit back in.

So, I'd go for non-maternity clothes if at all possible.

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