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Tax credits/ child care vouchers help!

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Daniidanii Sat 11-Jul-15 20:16:01

Any help would be greatly appreciated! My ex partner and I solit a couple of months back and things started out amicable but are no longer. The financial arrangements weren't being abided to nor the seeing arrangements. I have submitted a claim form for tax credits to DWP and wanted some advice surrounding child care vouchers. Currently my ex pays the £243 childcare voucher straight from his wage and pays nothing else towards our daughter although he earns a very respectable wage. My query is whether I would be better off taking over the childcare vouchers myself and would I be entitled to more tax credits for the childcare or am I better off leaving him to continue paying them and how would this option affect my tax credits claim? I feel dreadful writing this as I am completely aware it is not about money at all but I still work and provide for my daughter on my own so any little would help.

Thanks in advance. X

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