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Waiting in Wall Street office.....

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Issymum Thu 06-May-04 14:18:05

Right now I'm sitting in a meeting room in Wall Street waiting to give a presentation to the 10 very tough American men who run our 8 billion dollar corporation. I feel sick and very "Bridget Jones". Cyber support please!!

Heathcliffscathy Thu 06-May-04 14:20:27

Issymum, picture them doing a poo...hah, not so intimidating now eh? men are inevitably more insecure than women, they probably have very small willies...don't are power woman, you are great at this (you wouldn't be sitting there if you weren't)...sock it to 'em girlfriend, you rule!!! update as soon as done please!

carla Thu 06-May-04 14:20:58

You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! You wouldn't be there otherwise!

Frenchgirl Thu 06-May-04 14:25:18

do you have time for shopping afterwards?????

Frenchgirl Thu 06-May-04 14:26:02

they'll love your accent
knock'em dead!

carla Thu 06-May-04 14:28:12

What 8 billion dollar corporation is it? Or aren't you allowed to say?

carla Thu 06-May-04 14:30:50

Do you think she's gone in?

Azure Thu 06-May-04 14:31:10

Wow - very "I Don't Know How She Does it". Go girl - you can do it!

Heathcliffscathy Thu 06-May-04 14:31:33

either that or they've seen my post about their willies: it's nothing to do with issymum...all my fault honest and i didn't mean it

Marina Thu 06-May-04 14:37:37

Let's hope she didn't click on the wrong icon and project this thread across their office wall...go Issymum!

Issymum Thu 06-May-04 14:39:57

Thanks ladies. It's good to have you with me! Just 10 minutes to go. Gulp!

princesspeahead Thu 06-May-04 15:36:32

oooooh missed it, sorry issy. imagine that they are all as frightening as jeremy "past president", that ought to make you relax. or perhaps giggle....
I'm sure you were fine! Anyway, they wouldn't have been listening to what they were saying, they would have been thinking "gee, I just love that accent"

Issymum Thu 06-May-04 16:29:36

Phew! Done. Seemed to go just fine, but waiting on feedback from my boss.

Bloomingdales, here I come.....

serenequeen Thu 06-May-04 16:51:38

ooh, glad it went well

Frenchgirl Thu 06-May-04 16:53:06

phew!!!you've got time to shop!!! well done!

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