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Route to teaching in schools

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roserise4 Thu 09-Jul-15 13:27:10

Hello ladies,
I have been visiting this site very much for every issue i.e from getting pregnant to delivery then issues with kids and cooking, recipes and what not.Now i really need a guidance regarding a job which cannot be just read through others posts as all have different scenarios.
I am a M.A B.Ed qualified teacher teacher from India and have settled here. Have 2 kids and recently delivered my 3rd princess. Very happy and content with my family BUT money is not at all sufficient no matter how much earned-with the raising rent, grocery expenses and with kids around cannot say NO for their wishes thiugh we are not that lenient parents wink n hence wanted to help my DH:-)
As a biology teacher- wanted to pursue teaching but cannot get any as I lack UK experience. Most of the vacancies I applied for were from my kids'schools.
As I have been turned down for main class teaching, i started looking for teaching assistant but then again was in vain to grab any sad Lately I have seen a job for lunchtime assistant- should I apply for this- is it worth doing as a teacher -will it enhance my CV and get me into my dream job.
Pay is not a problem for me but as I have a baby and other household chores should I even apply or wait for my baby 7 months to be old enough to go to school and then join with a fresh mind and could devote full time.
Thanks all for your time to read and I really await your advice.

roserise4 Thu 09-Jul-15 13:35:56

Sorry cannot edit to add up few more things hence here:-) just to mention that
I have done level 3 TA diploma course from Ascentis and also an intesol online TEFL 120 hr course.

CountryLovingGirl Wed 22-Jul-15 14:33:39

Have you tried asking teaching agencies if you could do supply work? This would give you UK experience and look good on your application. I know a couple of teachers who were offered permanent posts doing supply. I would also be tempted to contact the PGCE Biology tutor at one of the local Universities for advice.

Edge Hill University do a lot of different courses (top-ups). If you qualified in India would you have QTS? Sorry, I am not a teacher myself (although I wanted to be a biology teacher when I was younger). You may be able to transfer credits from your current qualifications onto a short course to make you more desirable to UK schools.

Also, you could do private tuition.

I wouldn't go for a lunchtime assistant job. Go for teaching!

LIZS Wed 22-Jul-15 14:39:01

Could you volunteer in your DC school then perhaps apply for a TA or teaching position. Does your training correspond to UK BEd/PGCE? Do you want to work in primary or secondary?

roserise4 Wed 22-Jul-15 15:59:03

Thanks Country girl and Liz for your response.
Yeah B.Ed in India certifies you as a Qualified teacher.
Recently I have registered myself for supply teaching in simply hopefully from sept 2015 they will provide me work on daily basis. Guess this is the best option for me now- can choose my work hours and get the experience.
I feel more comfortable working with KS1 & 2 pupilsmile
Thanks once again

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