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First application form in 15 years!

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JetcatisBack Thu 09-Jul-15 08:59:54

And I am absolutely tearing my hair out trying to get it right sad

It is a perfect job for me. I have previously worked with the employer through a contract with my previous employer - they actually observed me and gave me outstanding feedback. This new job requests educated to degree level in a certain field plus one other criteria - I meet the other criteria but not the degree. I emailed the manager to explain this and to ask whether I would still be considered, and she remembered me - said it would definitely be worth my while applying!

So now I've sat for days trying to write the 'current roles and responsibilities' and the 'additional info' sections trying to prove how I meet the person spec. I think I have it, but due to being severely ground down in my last job (had to resign in the end as they weren't supportive at all of my recovery from severe depression) my self confidence is at an all time low and I'm finding it very hard to sell myself.

Another worry I had was references from my previous position, but having spoke with HR guy, turns out I can state him as a referee and not my manager, and he has promised a "brilliant" reference, and actually helped me figure out what to put as reason for leaving, instead of just putting 'couldn't cope with manager being a prick' wink

Does anyone have any suggestions over things to make my application stand out? flowers

Nolim Mon 13-Jul-15 08:22:17

How did it go op?

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