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Internet marketing for dummies?

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Flingingmelon Mon 06-Jul-15 21:23:27

Does such a thing exist? I'm starting up a new service and my site is my shop window. I've read up a bit on Facebook and SEO but it's all a bit bamboozling. Is there one book or site I can go to that will give me a comprehensive guide?

Flingingmelon Tue 07-Jul-15 07:46:40


Flingingmelon Tue 07-Jul-15 18:16:31


2Retts Fri 10-Jul-15 23:34:59

Hey Flingingmelon, sorry you didn't get a reply sooner (to be frank, I thought you'd had replies so nearly skipped this one too).

When you're first starting get yourself on some good internet marketing lists and just avail yourself of their good quality free stuff to begin with. Most of it is to lead you into buying their (usually big ticket) other programmes and stuff but most of the good information is freely available if you're prepared to sit through some decent webinars/Google hangouts etc.

You'll need to sort the wheat from the chaff though and quickly unsubscribe from those that teach nothing but simply want to sell.

Also, you need to get a wide range of expert knowledge (most have a 'flavour' for one particular area but you need more than one focus) because it is a huge subject and it is constantly updating and changing.

Try Bob Bly for content marketing, Chris Cardell for Facebook and Google knowledge, and GKIC for a bunch of great articles and templates covering FB, Google, content, email marketing and other sales and marketing stuff. I have found these to offer good knowledge (but don't forget they are trying to sell to you whilst divulging what they know) and you can take what they provide as (generally) up to date. You have to be prepared to read around the information they provide you with form other sources to strengthen your knowledge too.

You'll soon be able to pick up on what is going to work for your business model.

PS don't spend too much time getting your head around SEO so much as optimising your site for mobile devices...just my humble opinion.

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