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Care Assistant Job Interview

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FlourishandBlotts Sat 04-Jul-15 14:20:47

Hi all,

I have a job interview in the coming week for a care assistant position in a home. I currently work as a domiciliary, community, carer. Does anyone know as to what questions to expect?



CrazyCatLady13 Sun 05-Jul-15 12:32:59

They're likely to focus on two aspects - team skills and safeguarding issues.

Make sure you have an example of good and bad team working, relating to your previous experience, and brush up on safeguarding issues (what to do in certain situations).

In a care home, you should have more support than a community carer, so they'll want to know how well you get on with others. Safeguarding is a hot topic at the moment, so look up the main areas of abuse (financial, physical, emotional etc) that can take place in a care environment.

Look through the job description and prepare a scenario around every task and desirable / essential skills just in case. For example, if it says 'must perform personal care' think about what you've done in this area.

It's also worth, as general advice, preparing a script detailing your previous experience, relating it to the job description as the first question is very often 'tell us about your previous experience'.

HTH - I worked in HR for a national caring charity recruiting support workers. If you have any questions PM me as I don't often check back on threads I'm on!

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