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Should I go for this?

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SandmanSlim Fri 03-Jul-15 10:02:03

I've got a DD who's starting school in Sept and I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I'm completely bored in my part-time role and feeling like it's sucking my confidence. A role has come up that I'd love but it's full time. My DD would go from me being there most of the time to school and after school club and hopefully I'd only be there 6 months before maternity leave. Plus DC2 would miss me being at home with them. Would I be selfish to apply? Would it be too cheeky to ask for part-time, either now or if they offered it t me or after maternity leave?.

bingandflop Fri 03-Jul-15 12:17:39

You might as well apply and see! Nothing to lose. Are you going to tell them you're pregnant?

SandmanSlim Fri 03-Jul-15 14:18:11

No, I lost a pregnancy in March at 12 weeks so at this point I'm not assuming anything. I will have to figure out how/when to tell them if I get it & I accept it. I feel a bit bad about it but not bad enough to give them something to discount me automatically (even though they shouldn't).

bingandflop Fri 03-Jul-15 15:07:09

Sorry for your loss. Why not apply and take it from there?U don't have to accept the job if offered if you decide it's not the right time and you don't want to discount the possibility and regret it later

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