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I lost my job and confidence

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Yellowgold Thu 02-Jul-15 14:45:32

Hi all,

I have been following mums net forums for a long time and only today posting for first time. I had a baby 3 years back and had to take time off as my salary was quite less and I could not afford child care. Now I found a job (contract) so I started working for 2 months. Like most new kids in nursery my son used to fall ill every 10-15 days and I have missed work intermittently. My husband also took time off when he could and had been supportive of work. But my boss was very unsupportive and demanded I get emergency nanny when my son wasn't well. I had a few meetings where I politely told him I will work from home evenings and weekends to ensure I will finish all my work but it all didn't end well and they have now given me a notice. Basically they agree I am good at my work (I did a few exams to get certifications when I was at home) but feel I am not a stable resource as I have a young one which means I might take time off. I wonder if all new moms face this challenge. A friend of mine who is in top finance company recently been told she won't be promoted as they want someone doing over and above what is expected. It makes me sad. Now I am going to try for work again but feel discouraged that we are going to face the same challenges again. My mom is no more and in laws live in another country so no family to help and most friends have 2-3 young kids would be hard to expect them to help. I have totally lost my self confidence as I feel I could not prove myself. I have worked before baby in top multi nationals and have a proven track record (which of course enabled me to get work in first place). I am so ashamed to even tell my friends I am hiding at home these days sad, I guess I just am looking for kind words here. Thanks for reading

joopy79 Fri 03-Jul-15 14:49:45

What has happened to you reflects poorly on the company not on you. You are clearly good at your job so you will find another one, maybe for a more family friendly company.
Good luck, don't let them get you down.

Nolim Fri 03-Jul-15 18:59:54

Dont let this stop you.
I work in a competitive field and they are family friendly, find a new job where the managers understan the importance of life/work balance.

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