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lslater86 Wed 01-Jul-15 13:03:46

Hi I would like some help about retuning to work. I work in a solicitors before I went on maternity leave I worked full-time as a case handler, I am going back 2 days a week and they have said I can't go back as a class handler which I completely understand but instead they want me on the bank staff this will be do more of a junior role and my firm have said they will have to put my wages down to reflect the work i will be undertaking. Can they really lower my wages I have been with the firm for 8 years and I have plenty of experience ;( is there anyone that could give me any advice it would be much appreciated.


nottheOP Wed 01-Jul-15 14:35:02

If they can't support your existing role on flexible working and you still want to do it, they're basically offering a new job with new conditions

See MAS here

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