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Y0la Wed 01-Jul-15 09:31:57

I want to go to a local well-respected recruitment agency and I feel like I have one chance to make a good impression, so that they don't fling my cv to the bottom of a pile. I believe that they just want numbers registered. I did enquire about a specific job and she emailed back and said that I didn't have the experience for that job, but to send in my cv anyway. I want to go in, make an appointment to go in and register.
I have a job but it' not a good one. I have been happy there for the last 18 months but something happened recently which is so humiliating for me, that I really want to get out of the place now. I'm not in London. I used to live in London and it felt like there was always another job out there, ten other jobs out there. Where I live it's not like that. I would be competing with a lot of other people for any job I applied for.
Any advice, or motivational pep talks (!) welcomed.

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