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Calling HR today about a new job!! Advice needed!

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onetwoflea Tue 30-Jun-15 09:18:10

Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some advice. I'm calling HR dept of a firm I'd like to join about a job I'm interested in. I've been off full time work since 2007 (due to having kids) but have done lots of part-time / contract work that is highly relevant to the job I'd like.
So, what are good questions to ask and how to frame them? I'd like to know what the salary is (advert says £competitive) and I assume they arrange that according to your experience, although my contracts range from £120 - £500 a day depending on what I'm doing / who I'm working for. I'd also like to know if they'd consider some kind of flexible working / job share / part time arrangement but not sure how to ask! I'd like 3 days a week but would consider 3 days in office 1 day at home / job share. The company info doesn't mention part time anywhere, but does talk a lot about quality of life / work life balance / cheap gym etc. I've looked on glass door, linked in, google etc but can't find anything about salary or job share.
My CV and letter is ready to go in, deadline for applying is the end of this week.
Any other questions I should ask?
Thanks in advance!

Nolim Wed 01-Jul-15 19:07:06

If they are serious about life work balance then they probably consider part time requests.

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