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Apply for low paid jobs that I'm more likely to get or hold off for better paid position?

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JobEmma Wed 24-Jun-15 16:01:34

I'm starting to apply for jobs after a four year break accompanying my DH overseas. Before we left the UK, I was doing a part-time, term-time only admin role, which fitted in with the dc. I'd had a six year break prior to that, before dc started school. Before I had dc, I was in quite a senior role, earning well over double what the admin role would have paid as a full-time job. However, having had a long break (14 years now) from senior level jobs, I've lost confidence about my ability to do (or even get) a job like that.

I've seen a part-time admin role that is pretty poorly paid but it's just for six months. We now have quite a sizeable mortgage so DH thinks I need to be earning more and that if I do another low-paid role, I'll be stuck on that level and employers wouldn't consider me for higher paid jobs. I think I need to build up my confidence again before being able to apply for any better paid jobs.

Do you think any job is better than no job, or should I attempt to apply for better paid positions?

redskybynight Wed 24-Jun-15 18:40:30

Why not apply for both and see what happens? If nothing else, it's good experience/practice for you.

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