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Back to work after 13 years...

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Gawain Tue 23-Jun-15 13:32:22

No real qualifications. I last worked in my very early 20s so not many years experience either.
Going to be applying for any mw type part time jobs that are during school hours but have no idea what to put on my cv.

I've listed the jobs I did before but not said huge amounts about them as they were years ago. I've put my education but what else can I put?

I managed to get all my past jobs by being in the right place and proving myself. I'm rubbish at selling myself otherwise, hate writing aggrandising bollocks and interviews terrify me even though I'm probably more capable than I come across on paper.

I don't need a proper full on cv for small local jobs do I? What do I need?

Nolim Tue 23-Jun-15 13:34:52

I think you need adjetives! Describe your strengths: Organized, reliable, hard working, etc.

Trebushay Tue 23-Jun-15 13:35:48

Maybe you could do some volunteering to get some experience for a CV and a bit of confidence?
See the field you might want to work in then find some volunteering in that area??

mistymeanour Tue 30-Jun-15 20:26:51

I agree with others - volunteering would be a good start. What sort of job would you like? Local colleges often run part time, evening courses in practical stuff like AAT courses, Admin qualifications etc. that can help boost your cv for jobs.

If you fancy going to uni you could look at Access courses.

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