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going back to work after a big gap !

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starfish82 Sun 21-Jun-15 17:06:42

I'm starting back to work after a 5 year career gap ! I'm a little bit at a lose as to how to juggle childcare and full time work I'm sure it's possible as many other parents manage it on a daily basis but I'm not sure where to start . I have 2 son's my oldest is 12 and my youngest is 5 my husband works shifts 1 week early the next plates and my hours will be 9.30 -5.30 any and all advise welcome x

CountryLovingGirl Sun 21-Jun-15 18:50:51


Would you allow your eldest to come home from school on his own? Would your husband be home in time for him on his early weeks? You could ask a childminder to help out on the weeks he was lates. We have a similar problem as my hubby works early/late shifts (sometimes a middle shift like 9-5). I work in the NHS so can be working until 8pm (with an hour commute) so that causes problems for us.
A childminder would have both children after school and in the hols. Or, you could use a holiday club in the school hols.
Look into after school clubs at the secondary school too.
Good luck!

Nolim Tue 23-Jun-15 05:23:36

How long is your commute? Does the school have a breakfast and homework club?

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