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Callier Business LLC is this a SCAM?

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braceet Tue 16-Jun-15 15:26:54

My daughter received what I think is a scam email a few days after she had registered with an online employment agency.
The company is called CALLIER BUSINESS LLC and it purports to come form a ''HR person called Bonnie P. Buss HR Department , Callier Business LLC''
The Word document is a form to fill in and it asks for bank details credit card details. There was no interview - it looks like onece they get your card /bank details you will be charged for training, although the training is 'free'.
Just want people to be on their guard. I spoke to a few people about this, but there is no way to report possible scams like this which target young people. I would hate any young person to lose their money to scumbag scammers.
Has anyone had any dealings with these people?

kevinjose91 Wed 17-Jun-15 10:18:32

I got the same message. There is a company based in USA with the name. I was told that the work will be home based. But havent filled the application. Still unsure since they asks for card details.

ovidiustan8 Wed 17-Jun-15 12:27:59

i got in contact with this company too.
i fill up those form ,which they have sned,but i give an not valid bank details.they have called me 20 minutes ago and they ve told me i should start the training tomorrow at 9 am in my city..but they havent give me any details about it...and i said my new bank account is not ready yet..but they said to give them an email about any other account..can be empty as well,but must be valid...when i wanted to ask some details they hang up...
scam or not?

Pedestriana Wed 17-Jun-15 12:35:01

I think anything asking for card/bank details online is dodgy (paypal excepted).
LLC would suggest to me that they're in the US, rather than the UK.
What online agency did your daughter register with?
I would recommend not replying. If they are genuine, then they'll find another means of getting in touch.

TheCareersDoctor Thu 02-Jul-15 22:46:21

Hi all, would just advise anyone who is not sure to report it online to who can build a picture and take action.

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