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Feeling despondent- constantly pipped at the post

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basildonbond Thu 11-Jun-15 17:10:51

I've been looking for a job for the last 7 months and feel like I'm getting nowhere. I was a SAHM for a few years after the birth of dc3 and for the past six years have been doing two part-time jobs which weren't in my original field but for which my core skills came in handy. Now my youngest is at secondary I no longer need to be around for school runs so decided to go back to the area of work I'm qualified in. (I can't go back to my old career as it is fiercely competitive, extremely inflexible and the technology has changed completely)

I've been applying for jobs in a related field but although I've had quite a few interviews I get down to the last two and then they choose the other candidate who invariably has slightly more experience in one area. I feel I'm in a catch 22 as although my skill set means I could definitely do the role, I can't get any more experience in this particular area without actually getting a job iyswim

I had another interview this morning, and another one next week but am finding it hard to stay positive

mistymeanour Fri 12-Jun-15 11:24:17

I am in exactly the same position basildonbond - it is so dispiriting. I had an interview for a low level job in my field (in which I had been a very senior manager)yesterday which I thought could be a stepping stone back (to get the recent experience I always get pipped on) but still came "second" (a recurring situation). I spent a year and savings doing a part time postgrad uni course so that I would have additional related skills and be current but really seem to need in job experience which I can't get. I also can't get temporary/ agency work without a certain amount of very recent experience. I feel I wasted my money and time. It is a total chicken and egg situation.

My tutor has suggested I write to all the local-ish employers and offer my services for free to get the experience - I have started doing that but have either had no bites or only been offered "work experience" that is so low level and not exactly related that I feel it wouldn't really help. He also said I just need to keep on applying and just try to get past the dissappointment also to look out for opportunities such as Maternity cover jobs that would not appeal to so many applicants (but these are rare). I think my age is playing against me. All the young people on my course have got jobs but myself and another older person aced the course but seem to be unemployable.

Sorry - not much help but my sympathy.

basildonbond Fri 12-Jun-15 14:02:30

Sorry you're struggling too, misty

I've also gone down the route of offering to work for free to get recent experience and like you have either had no response at all or have been offered 2-3 days of work experience placements alongside people half my age

Up until I stopped work I'd never had to apply for a job - always got headhunted - and it's soul-destroying to think that back then I wouldn't have looked twice at the jobs I'm being turned down for

basildonbond Mon 15-Jun-15 13:27:15

Argh - yet another interview and yet another knock back - this time for being overqualified ...

WhattodowithMum Wed 01-Jul-15 14:57:08

That's interesting Misty. I've been trying to get back into work since April, but no luck. When I try at the level as was at before, no bites (I've been away 12 years.) When I try for lower level jobs, I am "overqualified."

I wondered if getting additional education in my area would help, "freshen up" my cv. I am worried I would just be wasting my time and money though (I already have quite a bit of tertiary education.) I like being a student, I don't mind studying, but I have a family and can't justify more study just as a self-indulgence. It needs to pay off.

WhattodowithMum Wed 01-Jul-15 14:57:34

as = I

basildonbond Wed 01-Jul-15 17:17:39

still no joy here ... I had yet another interview last week and yet again the job went to someone with more recent experience ...

I felt v depressed last night when I was filling in an application form for a job which on paper should be an absolute shoe-in for me ... however when asking for employment history they only wanted the last 5 years - well that's useless for me as all the stuff I've done which would fit in with the job was 10+ years ago

Another friend of mine has just retrained as a midwife - she's still not got a job yet all the 20-somethings on her course, a couple of whom sound downright dim and with absolutely no empathy for women in labour, have got work ...

It is a really insidious form of discrimination ...

WhattodowithMum Wed 01-Jul-15 18:20:42

Another friend of mine has just retrained as a midwife - she's still not got a job yet all the 20-somethings on her course, a couple of whom sound downright dim and with absolutely no empathy for women in labour, have got work ...


If ever there was a job where having had children yourself should be an advantage, it has to be this one!

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