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Post baby KIT day tomorrow...

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L0gLady Thu 11-Jun-15 14:01:01

I'm going into work for half a day tomorrow to get up to date on things and discuss my return with HR.

My mat leave ends early December but I'll be using my annual leave to delay returning until January, when DS will be 12 months.

I want to get them to agree to returning on 3 days out of 5, potentially with one from home (but as I never did this when I was full time it's a big ask and might be something I have to cultivate...)

I'm reliable and one of the longest standing members of my team/department, and despite my best efforts to put together a handover before I left, it sounds like my knowledge/skills have not been picked up or replaced in my absence.

(I work for a technology company and had spent the 2 yrs before my baby developing a 1st line customer service/technical "triage" process for day to day issues).

So when I go back, I don't want to be technically demoted by being placed back into what is basically an entry-level role, due to them failing to implement and maintain what was developed and learning to get by without it. I was encouraged plenty of times before my pregnancy to apply for roles within the company and had brilliant feedback despite never actually getting promoted (tbh it's the kind of place where you "wait your turn" for promotion, in a chronological/length of employment sense).

I had also been doing a lot of complaint handling and dealing with basically large corporate contracts, and was relied upon and trusted to sort out issues in a professional and efficient way.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was tipped off about an upcoming position by my manager, which I'm led to believe could have been my job. I later met with her and explained my pregnancy and other childcare commitments for DSD, and we agreed I could t legitimately take on the role at that time (lots of driving and nights away).

How can I go back and basically ask to be promoted/ placed back into a more responsible or professional role, while at the same time asking for 3 days a week? Is there anything really important I need to be asking/stating? Am I right in thinking I should take the opportunity to ask for what I want and have previously been told am I suitable for?

L0gLady Thu 11-Jun-15 14:01:20

Wow this turned out long!!

Alwaysinahurrynow Thu 11-Jun-15 18:45:12

Ask for what you want but back it up with clear examples of what you have achieved. I asked for a secondment that I had no relevant experience for but with the support of my boss and his boss plus doing well at interview got it.

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