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Looking for childcare in Oxford

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marsup Mon 03-May-04 21:02:30

I have to move to Oxford soon and need to find childcare for ds (who will be 8-11 months, depending on when exactly we move). It is pretty tricky checking out childminders from a distance, and most of the nurseries seem to be full or take only over-2s. Does anyone know of good childcare available in Oxford?

acnebride Tue 04-May-04 09:58:27

Hi Marsup, which part of Oxford are you moving to? I'm currently struggling with this too so don't have much to offer. I've looked at the 3 nurseries within walking distance in West Oxford near the station and am just gearing up to try and meet with childminders - seems really difficult. I also know somebody who has twins in another nursery in Farmoor which is further out to the west. there are other oxford people on here so you're bound to get help.

marsup Fri 07-May-04 14:27:36

Hello Acnebride (great name, hope it isn't realistic), I'm aiming for East Oxford (seems the most affordable). I've just got hold of a long list of childminders, many in East Oxford, but I feel nervous about selecting one from a distance. Nurseries are so expensive though! Do you live in Oxford already?

hewlettsdaughter Mon 10-May-04 20:11:40

Marsup, I'm in East Oxford. I can recommend one childminder, but I'm hoping to use her again myself come October (haven't contacted her yet), so I'm not sure if I want to give you her name! (sorry - selfish, I know). However, if you have any questions about the area, feel free to ask, either here or via 'contact another talker'.

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