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Help with job application please

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DeathMetalMum Mon 01-Jun-15 12:24:15

I have come across a job at my local library and I'm very interested. This is my first job application in a few years since having dc. I'm am pretty confident about the majority of the application, bar one paragraph which I'm stuggling to apply to the aplication.
"In your application you should ensure that you provide evidence of how you have demonstrated living the Council’s competencies of Customer First, Best Practice, Value for Money and Leadership."

I'm stumped, mostly at the best practice the others I think I can apply and demonstrate but not sure about best practice. Any advice?

iklboo Mon 01-Jun-15 12:28:53

Can you write about a situation where you've found a better / cheaper / more efficient way of working and implemented it in your work? Actively looking for more efficient working practices falls under our Best Practice competences where I work.

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