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Putting voluntary roles on application form

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WhycantIBeTiger Thu 28-May-15 14:26:20

Having given up paid work 8 years ago I am applying for a fulltime role. During the last few years I have had a couple of charitable trustee roles which have given me relevant experience and skills for this role (a financial reporting role). I'll be sending in a covering letter as well my cv, but I have to also fill out an application form. On my cv I have listed all of my roles, paid and unpaid, under "Experience". However the application form asks for employment history, though there is a later space for "Leisure, voluntary and other interest which should be considered in support of your application".

Any thoughts on where to put it? One of the roles meant I was working 1-2 days a weeks in a role very similar to the one that i'm applying for.

LIZS Thu 28-May-15 14:30:13

List any formal voluntary roles as employment.

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