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School Admin Job SIMS?

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mjnh12 Thu 14-May-15 10:44:52

Thinking about applying for a job in school office as it's term time etc
Most jobs seem to require SIMS experience of which I have none.

I have found a SIMS User Course in Manchester (about 40 miles away) and it costs £330 for the day. This seems a lot for a day plus it's a long way to go.

Is this qualification (cost) worth it? I'm thinking that if I don't have it I'll never get shortlisted for a job. Would an employer not consider you without it?

I've got a degree and am quite computer literate but not sure I stand a chance without this qualification.

I've seen cheaper SIMS user courses but not in my area (North West). Does anyone know who offers them and where to look for them?
Thank you.

40thisisit Thu 14-May-15 19:46:41

Hi, I'm a teacher who has pretty ok pc skills and have managed to self teach myself SIMS.
I don't think it's worth paying for a course but just highlighting your intelligence and pc skills on your application form. It's an easy program to pickup so just work on selling yourself in the application form.
Good luck x

HoldenCaulfield80 Thu 14-May-15 20:01:38

I'd agree with 40, it's pretty easy to self teach - I wouldn't waste the money. Good luck!

ILoveOnionRings Thu 14-May-15 20:05:00

Unless the position is quite a high level and involves things like creating the timetable (different to adding students to teaching groups) then SIMS is very easy to pick up. It even has it's own lookup guide.

If successful then the school can probably get you onto courses which are free - we also have a number that we can call if we are stuck and sometimes when you only do something once a year, like promote the timetable you do forget what you are doing.

I would suggest than you do sell all other skills, ability to multi-task is essential in an school office as is high level admin skills on the office programmes, don't forget to look up safeguarding and if in reception being customer facing. Mentioning that you have used new systems before and quickly familiarised yourself with them.

What is the position (pm if you wish) and then could probably advise more.

RiskManagement Thu 14-May-15 20:07:15

No. The whole SIMS experience required thing mystifies me. I suppose in a perfect world, the new admin would arrive with it, but there are so many qualities more important.

I think people in schools like to think they're special and have special talent that no-one else can have. A bit like solicitors or mechanics making things sound more complicated than they are to justify their existence!

Also headteachers often don't have much hands on experience of SIMS and so have believed their admin staff when they're told how difficult it is.

In reality, it's very simple. There's a user guide and a helpdesk. If you can use a computer, you'll be an expert in a week. Maybe include how computer literate you are and example of when you've trained yourself to use a new software package.

I wouldn't pay £300 of the school's money to send someone on a course, let alone expect anyone to fund it privately.

mjnh12 Fri 15-May-15 09:10:35

Thank you so much all of you. You've saved me £300!

I'm training myself to use a new software now (video editing) so think I'm quite computer literate. Also new software was rolled out during my previous job and I picked that up okay.

It's such a shame when they say "Sims experience essential" when you could bring so many other things to the table.....

I'll highlight my other skills and hope they can see past the lack of a certificate!

Thank you for all your good luck wishes!

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