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Return to work after illness

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Clarella Tue 12-May-15 14:47:56

Hi - my illness is mix of things that has elements of CFS - but it isn't this.

Consequently I could be 100% fit and well in the next year or it could take longer or never.

I'm a teacher - outstanding obs, upper pay scale. I've been advised medically to request two days ( I was 3 following baby, became gradually ill struggling on for a year and a term before succumbed. I've been effectively an invalid. It has been a mix of iron deficiency, thyroid issues and now diagnosed hypermobility syndrome, I'm still unsure if the last one is forever or I can Recover from as the other issues may have caused it with pregnancy)

Head wants me in class. I think she had ideas for me to job share. If I felt 100% I'd be delighted. But I'm not there yet. I'm keen to do phased return before summer but am mindful of the summer break. If it weren't for that I think it would be aclittle while longer. But I feel I could be ready in sept - but unsure about 3 days.

Gp has been adamant I am well and on top of daily living at home including some of the sporting things I used to do for a month before returning. I'm not there yet, but my sick note runs out end of May.

School are anxious to get plans into place - understandably! I am too, but I'm struggling with some new mh issues as a result of what I've been through. Going back will help, but hinder if I'm not well physically.

Oc health report recommended 2 days would be realistic and a good idea, as had rheum, physio, gp family. It's more the managing fatigue side of things.

I teach Sen - ASD and complex needs. It's physical! I'm motivated to get fully well as I hate being incapacitated
But I don't know how long it will take!

I'm panicking here I know - but can I challenge the governors if they say I cannot do 2 days? Head suggested 2 days over 4 afternoons (I know it's what a senior tescher wants to do) but physically that's 4 days physical output with s toddler to ferry everywhere and bags etc.

I've say I might consider job share 2.5 as the 0.5 could be extra paper work time and son in nursery 3 days a week. But reality is still 3 days of physical output, and I've said I need to be mindful of medical advise over the next year. I've also said I'd be keen to increase back up if the opportunity arises in the future, and health permitting.

What weight does oc health have? She took the hypermobility thing quite seriously, and said she felt hypothyroidism was covered under the disability act.

2 days won't be easy, I will be in charge of 2 curriculum areas due to UPS.

Any thoughts?

Clarella Tue 12-May-15 14:49:47

*advice (!)

Clarella Wed 13-May-15 15:32:43


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