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Flexible working request - question!

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pinkie87 Tue 12-May-15 12:08:09

When I come back from maternity I think I will be putting in a request to change my hours. I currently work 9-5 Monday to Friday (37.5 hrs per week). I would ideally like to cut down to 28.5 hours over 3 days.

If this is not possible I would request 37.5 hours over 4 days. My question is when I put in my request, should I request both options in order of preference? Otherwise would I not have to wait a year to put in a second request if my first is not granted?

Secondly if I DO put in both options in order of preference, would my manager not just be inclined to offer me the second (less preferred) option as it is less hassle for her?

YDdraigGoch Tue 12-May-15 12:19:31

I think it entirely depends on the company, your team, and the work you do.
I would go with your preferred option if there's opportunity for discussion and negotiation. But why don't you discuss with your manager first before putting in a formal request?

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