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Are there any mums out there who are software developers?

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lostraveller Mon 11-May-15 21:13:01

I have a small software business and looking to build up a strong and loyal development team. Been based in central London, there is a lot of competition for good talent so I am looking to do something different.

My questions are;
1) Are there mums out there who want to get back to work who can develop using C#, JavaScript and who ideally have experience developing with SharePoint 2010 (or SP20013)?
2) If there are Mums out there with these skills, what would I need to do to make my business an attractive employer to you?
3) How would I need to structure things to enable you to be productive, develop your professional skills and play your part in the team while also fitting in your family commitments?

I don't have kids myself (yet - my wife and I are due on Oct 31) so you feedback would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

superoz Tue 02-Jun-15 01:47:08

Hi. Congratulations on your wife's pregnancy, hope all is going well for you both.

1) I've been a software developer for a while but have taken time out since dd2 who is now 16 months old; I can code in C# and have dabbled in a bit of Javascript.

2) I would be looking for a company that would consider flexible/part time working for their employees. More on this below.

3) I worked for a large corporation work/life balance strategy for their employees. They had:

- A flexible working policy. I worked 8 until 4 for 4 days a week so I could get back home at a reasonable time to pick up dd (my commute was 1hr 20 mins each way). Sometimes I would change my hours so I would catch up with documentation etc in the evenings; others I knew worked compressed hours.

- Everyone in our department was allowed to work from home for part of the week if they wanted to. We could access the network through a VPN connection and could contact anyone on instant messaging or phone so the home became a virtual office. I found it more productive as I didn't waste any time travelling and wasn't distracted by other people in the office.

- An understanding manager! At the end of the day I got recognition for completing my tasks, not how many hours I spend at my desk. I am so glad my manager could see this and gave us the ability to organise our own time. If I had to leave early because of an emergency or the children were unwell, I could just catch up by working from home instead - no need to create a fuss.

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