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how can I boost my confidence?

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demoska1 Fri 08-May-15 13:18:08

I was made redundant 12 months ago at the same time as my partner. We decided to take a holiday before job hunting again but this was cut short when I became ill and needed emergency and major surgery. I've been recovering since and now have some mild mobility issues and take pain relief daily but I manage. We were not entitled to financial help and have lived off our savings until my partner returned to work in Feb of this year. He has been my carer while I recovered and is now sole bread winner.
I have been offered a full time job which I'm excited about, it's an active job as in not office type so I may face some difficulties keeping up with my colleagues. I am over qualified for the post but it's something I'm passionate about. But..... Since being offered the position 3 days ago I've had a massive dip in confidence. I feel out of date and old. I've put on weight since last year and quite frankly feel a mess!
I'd like to hear how others managed their returning to work anxieties and how I can boost my confidence ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Ashbeeee Sat 09-May-15 08:17:21

I had 3 months off once owing to illness and 2 lots of maternity leave and found going back easy (once) and daunting (twice). Trick is to take it one moment at a time and be open to learning new things. If you show that 'being up for it' attitude your new colleagues will love you for it. And even if you aren't as physically fit, you will bring lots of other positive and compensating factors - and that's what teamwork is all about.
And read this book - feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers. I recommend it a lot because it's brilliant at helping you build confidence in All areas of your life.
A new set of clothes if you can stretch to it will help. primark is great to refresh inexpensively. Get your hair cut. Do your nails. Fell like the dogs dodahs when you walk out the door. Walk tall. You have looked adversity in the eye, beaten it, and now you are back. Yay!
You can dooo it!!!!

demoska1 Sat 09-May-15 20:12:58

Thank you for your positive reply. I've planned a trip to primark and made a list of essentials. I will try and access the book you recommend as I do lack confidence in other areas of my life and do get put upon by my family who take advantage of my kind nature.
I am excited about returning to work and feel lucky as this time last year I wasn't able to walk. So I've come a very long way and am thankful for the opportunity. I hope my employer will be pleased with me too!

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