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Has anyone had a career change after nursing and if so what?

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poptot Mon 30-Oct-06 09:57:32

I'm stuck in a rut work full time in a senior post not in my area of choice and really want to get out of the NHS full stop. I do have a degree and lots of management and clinical courses but it's all I've ever done and don't know what else to do now. Any ideas?

nailpolish Mon 30-Oct-06 10:02:43

hi poptot

i was a renal/itu nurse for 13 yrs until about 2 yrs ago

i was starting to dread going to work, crying, miserable, not because of my actual job, but because of what nursing had become

i left and joined Mayfair and did nursing agency almost full time nights, really really enjoyed this, felt i could still do the job i enjoyed without any office politics

then i got fed up of that, and tbh couldnt be bothered with nursing full stop

i then started work as a barmaid, a job that was loads of fun and no pressure!!!!!!!

i am now a weekend phlebotomy supervisor and its great

there are office politics still, as its nhs they ar in the same vein, but its better.

when i go into the wards and see the nurses now, i dont miss it one tiny tiny bit

at all

poptot Mon 30-Oct-06 10:11:47

Thanks for replying, I'm in such a state today about going back to work tomorrow in tears and have not slept I have got to do something otherwise I will loose my marbles. Would like to do something in customer services or management but have no idea how to even go about looking for a job outside of the NHS. I feel so bad I'm seriously thinking about going to the doctors and asking for a sick note, something I have never done. But I know thta is not a long term solution.

nailpolish Mon 30-Oct-06 10:26:07

poptot one of my friends who i nursed with felt like this too, she went to college and did a Human Resources course (sorry cant remember the actual proper name of the course) and she is now working in Human Resources at the BNA (she is the one who phones every one to see when they are available!)

have you thought about NHS 24? (think its NHS Direct in england) they are always looking for staff, you get a good grade there

would you/could you go back to college? you could do nurse teaching? or how about as a rep? drugs company, etc

i am so sorry you are feeling bad

ive been there too with nursing, its CRAP

MrsDoolittle Mon 30-Oct-06 10:29:33

God poptot, I really empathise - been there.

I am now a univeristy nurse lecturer. Love it, love it, love it. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I wouldn't go back to the nhs for any money.

nailpolish Mon 30-Oct-06 10:31:42

do you have a degree? what about primary school teaching?

my BIL who has a degree is now a teacher after only 1 yr at uni, doing the teaching part

nailpolish Mon 30-Oct-06 10:34:42

i phoned the RCN the other week to tell them i had stopped nursing and didnt need my membership anymore

i cried doing it felt like THE end

i thought the person on the end of the phone might have taken a slight bit of interest when i told her, she couldnt have cared less!

(sorry, dont want to turn your thread into a moan about nursing!)

poptot Mon 30-Oct-06 10:59:46

Moaning is good, very carthartic (sp). Hadn't thought about teaching but will do TBH I'd do anything at the moment to get out.

lindyg1983 Sat 21-Feb-15 18:34:49

Hi guys. I really want out of nursing too but at a loss as to where to go! I fancy nurse lecturing but the barriers getting into it are huge. Not sure where to go from here. Any help appreciated xx

Nevercan Sat 21-Feb-15 19:47:25

My friend works for an insurance company and advises travellers who have been injured what they need in place to get home and she does repatriations and goes and picks them up

Helenagrace Sun 01-Mar-15 21:16:23

I moved from nursing into general management in the NHS then got burnt out. I now work as a contract and project manager for a charity. Massive pay cut but my sanity is intact. Before that I worked for clinical negligence lawyers interpreting medical notes. In fact hardly any of us are still nurses!

Ex colleagues now work as nurse advisors for insurance companies, aero - medical nurses for repatriation companies, health commissioners, GP practice managers, nurses in prisons, drug and alcohol support workers, NVQ assessors and trainers (mostly doing CPR and lifting training for care workers) and assistants in special schools.

poisonedbypen Sun 01-Mar-15 21:20:58

How about getting involved in clinical research, either at a Phase 1 unit (lots of them around, always looking for nurses a employees or bank staff) or within pharmaceutical company organising the trials or getting involved from an admin side. I know lots of ex nurses who have done this.

bullseyebraces Sun 01-Mar-15 21:22:56

I work with lots of ex-nurses doing CPR training.

MrsG1972 Thu 26-May-16 02:44:39

I have just read some posts about what to do after nursing. I've been nursing for 20+ Yeats, But have been having panic attacks related to work, to the point I can't face it tomorrow. I want to work but have no idea on how to apply for jobs, where to look etc. I haven't made a knee jerk reaction but contemplating it for some time. Any advice? Also new to mums net so not too sure how it works.

jclm Thu 26-May-16 10:44:52

I would have thought getting into lecturing at a university would be very difficult, sorry. They may require publications and a PhD for instance. There are hundreds of applicants for each job so highly competitive.

Have you thought about doing a side step eg to health visiting? Or would you consider working abroad as a nurse?

michelmcc Sun 07-Aug-16 10:03:23

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michelmcc Sun 07-Aug-16 10:04:37

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