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Over qualified

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Crusoe Thu 12-Feb-15 07:38:30

I want to return to work and have seen a perfect job. I am over qualified but this job would suit so well but I've had trouble in the past convincing employers that I would stick around and not have greater ambitions to move on.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Fri 13-Feb-15 03:27:06

Hello, I have been up against this a few times.

1st time
Was told that they were worried I would move on quickly, see it as a stepping stone to something else. I spoke honestly from the heart about why it would be a good fit for the personal circumstances in my life, they saw the harmony in that and I got the job was there longer than the people who gave me the job.

2nd time
Was told by person who would be my manager at interview in a very angry/frightened way "that he was in charge, he would always be in charge and don't get ideas above your station". His boss told me on way out of interview not to be worried, I'd interviewed well, the guy had had trouble with a couple of people before coming in and trying to oust him. I withdrew my application.

3rd time
Basically a few weeks after the 2nd time, and pretty much the same deal, although delivered in a more passive aggressive/subtle way at the interview.Withdrew my application. Was talked into accepting the job by bosses's boss, the HR department and a recruitment consultant. Left after 3 months as my boss was making my life a living misery.

4th time
Colleague I would be on the same level as part of interview panel visibly very threatened by me, but said nothing. Management seemed very enthusiastic and I really needed the job so I accepted. Management basically proceeded to play me and colleague off against one another, stoking his insecurities massively so he sabotaged me/refused to co-operate every chance he got. I resigned and he got his hours and budget cut as a sanction for his behaviour.

So basically, make sure the personalities in the situation are all comfortable with it, not just that you get what you want. I would say make a simple, honest straightforward case for yourself. If they are reasonable and take that on board, plus your boss/colleagues don't seem threatened by you, then go for it. Otherwise, treat with extreme caution.

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