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Does anyone do Avon?

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fifiandtheflowertots Fri 20-Oct-06 09:40:18

I've sent off for some info on becoming a Avon rep but was just wondering if anyone does this. Whats the commision like, is it easy to do that kind of thing

Guitarman Fri 20-Oct-06 09:42:30

There are better ways to build a home based business.
For obvious reasons I can't say on here.

Kidstrack Fri 20-Oct-06 09:46:19

i used to do Avon when ds was a baby, i only ever made £25 every campaign and maybe about £50 at christmas, i done it to get out the house in the evenings i used to put ds in his pram and collect the books. It depends on how many customers you manange to get, i only ever had 10 who would buy just enough that i would get my £25

fifiandtheflowertots Fri 20-Oct-06 09:51:02

Do you have to pay any fee's to avon or do you just keep your commission?

Guitarman Fri 20-Oct-06 09:53:44

Sounds like a hard to operate sort of Home Business.

Kidstrack Fri 20-Oct-06 10:16:05

you have to pay for the books every campaign, i forget how much though as this was 6yrs ago and then when the invoice comes with the order it gives you the total, anything over the total is your commission is yours to keep, say my invoice said £134.95 and i had over £165 the £30.05 extra would be mine to keep

ebbie22 Fri 20-Oct-06 10:35:13

I do avon,and for all the good bits there are bad bits,
but if your just staying at home,without another job[other than ur children]then it can be worthwhile...
I enjoy it as it forces me out of the house even on wet,windy cold days...U have to be self motavated but for me its worthwhile xxx h,t,h

fifiandtheflowertots Fri 20-Oct-06 10:46:21

im going back to work part time in jan so im looking for something extra to do, plus it will keep me occupied as im at home with a 6month old atm.
Whats the commission like and can you make much?

ebbie22 Fri 20-Oct-06 10:57:12

yeah depending how hard you wanna work,its 30 percent[i think]of waht you make ,if you go over the agrees amount they set you...
I have been doing it for 2.5 yrs,it can be hard work but then its more money...

fifiandtheflowertots Fri 20-Oct-06 11:05:10

If it makes money then i'm up for hard work..thanks for that

Beelliesebub Fri 20-Oct-06 11:31:42

I'm on my second campaign for avon... For your first 2 campaigns they take £7.50 admin. fees from you each time. The books are 15 for £4.53 and then .46p for every other 5 books you get. With my first order I bought a rep pack for a £10 but to be honest I wish I hadn't, it was a waste of money. If your order comes to less than £72 you don't get any discount. Between £72 - £135 it's 20% and over £135 it's 25%. Having said that my first order was over £300 and this one is over £500 and to be honest it sells itself really. Hope this is helpful.

fifiandtheflowertots Fri 20-Oct-06 11:49:34

so if your orders are less than £75 you dont get anything?
that is really helpful as i would probably have bought a rep kit so thanks

fifiandtheflowertots Fri 20-Oct-06 11:50:55

i mean £72

Beelliesebub Fri 20-Oct-06 12:00:47

Yeah £72.. I was quite surprised when I found out about that one but I have to say if I got less than that in orders I'd hang up my rep bag..... lol

gemmum Fri 20-Oct-06 13:13:42

I do avon and my orders average about £300 so i make £75 but spend £5 each campaign on books. So thats £70 every 3 weeks roughly. I enjoy it too, just have to be prepared for LOTS of hard work in the beginning. I bought 60 books first few campaigns as have 180 houses in my territory but now i can manage with just 20. I have about 50 customers (they don't all order every time).

You can back order from the previous campaign, so now i just use my new books on my customers and use my prev camp books on re-canvasing an area. Means i odn't have any where near as much leg work to do and it dosn't matter if i don't get the books back.

I also sell usborne childrens books which i personally think has more potentail than avon as you can sell to shcools and things.

Hope this helps and good luck

lisa2107 Sat 31-Jan-09 10:43:30

Hi all, I have been a member of this site for two years now and wanted to share my success as a Working From Home Mum. I have managed to survive thanks to becoming an AVON Rep. I am now a Sales Leader. To read more about my story see

tumtumtetum Sat 31-Jan-09 10:55:44

Hi Lisa
Why have you namechanged to tell everyone about this? And why are all your threads worded exactly the same as the one above?

I mean maybe it's good but you seem a little OTT about it to be posting the exact same message over and over again?

lisa2107 Sat 31-Jan-09 11:07:56

Hi ya,

I couldn't remember my old nickname and couldn't work out how to get it LOL. That is the only reason. My little one is 21 months and I joined on here and when I fell pregnant but since starting up my 'Working From Home' venture I haven't had much time to get on here.

I am aiming to start a website soon where by I target other mums who would also like to make a success of working from home so they can look after their little ones. I would like to feature other jobs like AVON so they can give anything a go.

The only reason I have put the same message on here is so I can try to identify a few inital threads to start up conversations like this. Nothing more. I wanted to put messages on so it's lised under my 'I'm On' pages so I can keep an eye on them easier.

Hope I didn't cause suspicion that isn't my aim atall.


tumtumtetum Sat 31-Jan-09 11:28:32

It's just you sounded like an advert rather than a person giving a real opinion IYSWIM.

I know there are a lot of things around to do with working from home which can be a bit dodgy and was worried, that's all smile

lisa2107 Sat 31-Jan-09 11:36:08

It's OK Tum. Other thread has been read the same and they're kicking my bum :-(

Has asked to have all removed by MN

Wish I'd taken little one to Tumble Club and not bothered like I had planned.

Good luck with all xx

tumtumtetum Sat 31-Jan-09 11:44:11

Well you know MN! Good luck with things smile

lisa2107 Sat 31-Jan-09 11:46:11

Yep and now remember why I moved over to the BabyCenter. They're lovely on there. :-)

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