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where to start going back to work

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mouses Fri 30-Jan-15 18:40:05

have posted here before about this so apologise for asking again, tho was a while back.

little background info..
wanted to have a dancing career so went to performing arts college for just over a year. dropped out for a man (stupid I know) had my first child at 19 (yes more stupid!)... so 13yrs down the line I have 3 kids, youngest went into reception in sept so now need to work.

problem is I have no qualifications, no people skills where I suffer from mental health and have no family or friends (well one friend!) so I don't get out much! I worry about the kids getting sick and id have no one to have them, how would I get to work? sorry if that's a dumb question.

my interest are in animals and home décor /design. which I will do a new thread about .... don't have much hobbies really. could help in a homeless shelter but that's not paid employment which I need to have.

soon I will be contacting a cat rescue to volunteer <just got to get the confidence lol > then I can get some references for paid work in the near future?

has any one got experience on going back to work after so long and how did you cope with the big change?

BackforGood Fri 30-Jan-15 22:20:40

A lot of people do start by volunteering for a charity or local organisation, to get them into the swing of turning up on time each day (of the days the commit to), of communicating with colleagues, of communicating with the public, sometimes IT skills, etc.

It helps build confidence, and can also be a place that might give you a reference when you apply for the next step.

Try contacting your local college - they often run courses for 'returners to work'

mouses Fri 30-Jan-15 22:41:24

I wouldn't have the funds for college im a lone parent, im sure I asked for help with health and beauty once (years ago) and the job centre said they didn't fund that course. but my memory isn't sharp, there was another word she used, sure it was something about apprentice??

sorry will make no sense rambling...

I will look into animal shelters, I just got to take that step! my home is my comfort blanket, quite scary out there haha! although im determined to be something and provide well for the kids.

thanks for replying

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