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breastfeeding/expressing and return to work

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Didactylos Mon 26-Jan-15 11:11:23

I have been sitting here looking at my computer for 20 mins
I have to write a formal notice stating my plans to continue breastfeeding on return to work, and requesting suitable facilities/modifications
I am completely out of inspiration and have so far written my address
Anyone got a draft copy of a similar letter knocking about that they would let me shamelessly plagiarize? I just want to go back to bed while the baby is napping! blush

Nolim Mon 26-Jan-15 12:42:09

I dont have a letter but maybe you can say that you need a room with a chair, electric outlet and access to a fridge? And that you intend to pump x times a day for approx x minutes?

puddock Mon 26-Jan-15 12:53:08

I can't find my old email to HR on the subject, but basically - a private room with an electrical socket and a door that closes and ideally a sink to wash your hands in - and the use of a fridge if you don't already have that. If your office is very open-plan / glass everywhere like mine was, it may be a challenge for them to identify a suitable room.

Don't commit yourself to number of times or durations, but suggest a likely outline? (My old line manager's fag breaks took more time out of his day than my pumping breaks took out of mine, which I was ready to remind him of if he ever cocked an eyebrow. ;) )

Didactylos Mon 26-Jan-15 19:43:41

Thanks for the thoughts, reading that has helped me jump in and get started. However my job is in some ways a problem

Multisite working shifts, encompassing nights/evening /weekend work and little advance knowlege of rotas
absolutely no office space available - will have to use public access BF rooms at each site (but have checked and these are available)
no set times for expressing possible - will have to be agreed in principle but essentially ad hoc and carried out when cover available. I will have to arrange something like a portable fridge/cooler bag that I can take with me between sites (that plugs into USB socket in car?) as dedicated fridge space at each site is not realistic

my job does not lend itself to neat organisation!

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