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Help! Back to work discussion tomorrow

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FleetwoodPacaMac Thu 08-Jan-15 17:38:51

It's an informal meeting as I'm taking the baby to meet colleagues and generally show her off a bit. But I know we won't be able to avoid the topic of back to work while I'm there. I'm going back in April.

What's my approach? I don't want to gush to him about how glorious motherhood is and how I could quite happily never work again, obviously that's unprofessional (but true). I've got an idea about how many days and hours I'd like to work but then some of that depends on nursery availability which I'm still investigating. I don't want to walk away feeling like I've committed to anything but I would like to feel we've made some progress. We'll also be talking about doing some KIT (keeping-in-touch) days.

Any ideas?

FleetwoodPacaMac Thu 08-Jan-15 19:38:33


Flosshilde Thu 08-Jan-15 19:44:11

I went in, let people coo over the baby and then had a meeting with my manager where I said I wanted to do 3 days but couldn't at that time commit to which ones as it depended on nursery. She gave me a flexible working request form and said she'd catch up with me in a couple of weeks. No firm commitment.

I ended up getting a different job anyway where I was clear about reduced hours up front.

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