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HOW do you decide what you should do on return to work?? Any surveyors with advice?

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tootsietoo Thu 08-Jan-15 10:20:43

I'm in the same place as lots of you posting threads in this section. I've had 8 years out of the work place and feel as if I'm at a cross roads now where I need to make the right decision on direction. I'm a commercial chartered surveyor (RICS membership has lapsed though) and I've been doing some resi property management and development project management for friends for the past few years which has got my brain going and been fine, but it's not paying much and whilst the project management is fun, I don't enjoy the resi management. I now either need to renew my chartered status and really go for the freelance work, or else go back into employment, ideally PT. I have this nagging feeling that there are way more possibilities out there than I know about, but how to go about finding out what I could do with the skills I have? Where do I start? I am beginning by making phone calls to recruitment agents and old contacts saying I'm looking for work, and hoping something either interesting or lucrative (or both!) will materialise, but I feel as if I'm drifting. Are there any organisations who would help give me ideas beyond the straightforward option of going back into private practice? Any ideas? Particularly from any surveyors here?

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