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Help with job interview...

(2 Posts)
fatandfurious42 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:45:52

I've got an interview on Monday 12th Jan - I need present on the Youngs seafood brand - need some help! Could you give me a view on what you think of them - good, bad, indifferent? I don't use their product or even eat fish, so I really, really need some help....(the ad is the one with the singing fishermen if that helps). Really appreciate it

FishWithABicycle Tue 06-Jan-15 10:07:37

tbh I think posting this on a public forum is a fast-track way to fail the interview. The marketing manager would be greatly dismayed to see a thread about what people think about the brand if it hadn't been very carefully planned and managed to ensure that the thread didn't have a negative impact on the brand.

If I was the interviewer and found this thread, I would try to find out which interview candidate posted it, and would not employ that person.

I suggest you contact MNHQ and ask for this post to be deleted ASAP. Then do research by googling for information which is already publically available, and if you want to gather wider opinions do it in a close-friends-only post on facebook or similar, carefully controlled to ensure it is not in a public forum.

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