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Eeek do I go for full time? How do you work ft with young dc and still give them enough?

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m0therofdragons Fri 12-Dec-14 22:49:16

I recently started a new job which meant an increase in hours but still only 20 a week. I have a 6yo and 3yo dtds. A new position has come up in my dept. I was told about it when they offered me the job but they didn't know what it would be at that point. I said I was interested but would need to be viable re childcare. Now I have the details and in my child free days it would be my dream job. It's good money (in my world not by mn standards where good money means 100k). Dtds start school in Sept and work is flexible re time to watch nativity etc so I think I want it.
I'm worried about the affect it'll have on dc as I've worked freelance at home for 3 years so they have had me around all the time.
I also know some "friends" will have an opinion which I'm not sure I want to hear.
Not sure what I'm asking really, just trying to make sense of my emotions. Probably won't even get it so won't be an issue. Any thoughts of how to make it work?

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Fri 12-Dec-14 23:01:48

Go for it. It will be fantastic and it sounds flexible.

The effect on your DCs will be: they have a happy, motivated mum who is securing them a better financial future and role-modelling a work ethic.

Get good childcare in place and make sure your DP (if you have one) takes on an equal share of domestic duties. Plan the hell out of your lives so that housework and life admin is kept to a minimum so that your time with your kids is prioritised when you are at home.

Don't worry about what negative friends have to say.

Llareggub Fri 12-Dec-14 23:05:51

I work full-time. My DCs are fine. In fact, I think they are the better for it because they know that whilst I love them, my world does not totally revolve about them and their needs.

m0therofdragons Fri 12-Dec-14 23:44:13

Dh is really supportive. It would make me the higher earner which he seems happy with (all money we earn is family money so will benefit us all). He's already doing 3 morning school and nursery drop offs and working from home one morning a week since I started the new job so definitely doing his bit.
One minute I'm really confident then the doubts creep in as to whether I've impressed them enough. Deadline is just before Christmas so I'll spend all Christmas stressing. Not great timing.

iamthenewgirl Sat 13-Dec-14 08:48:02

If they are flexible with regards to hours and not long hours culture then consider going for it.

Most people who work full time and are struggling are the ones who are expected to be at their desk between certain times, on the Blackberry 24/7 and high workload. Not just lawyers...

LinesThatICouldntChange Sat 13-Dec-14 21:17:47

Sounds similar to me. I worked 3 days a week while my 3 kids were pre schoolers. A full time opportunity arose as my youngest turned 4 and was about to start reception class. Best thing I ever did. My children were very used to childcare so it just meant upping the hours. The best thing of all has been the impact on my pension. I might have trundled along fairly happily for years on 3 days, even after all the kids were in school, but I'd sure have regretted it now my kids are in their 20s... It really does make a massive difference in the long term. And being full time has also given me the chance to get my teeth properly into an interesting career. Go for it!

Matildahaspowers Wed 24-Dec-14 21:09:24

I am thinking of returning full time. I work 3 days at the moment but my career has 'stood still' since I became a mum almost 11 years ago.
The biggest thing that holds me back is childcare! We have no family help so I am very reluctant to pay for full time childcare for 13/14 weeks of the year. I am considering teaching part time (teaching courses related to my profession) that I would take on the extra 2 days but term time only.

Nolim Tue 06-Jan-15 09:40:49

Go for it, a happy mum is a better mum. Ignore your "friends". It is your life not theirs. And come back to let us know how it went!

m0therofdragons Wed 07-Jan-15 16:28:35

Okay, well I have an interview but not until end of the month. Looks like new job wouldn't actually start until end of Feb so only 6 months before dc start school! Interview looks completely terrifying with tests etc but it's so scary I'm ignoring it and going into denial. Will probably worry more on the day but I do have a "if it's meant to be" type attitude. Poor dh may have a few mini melt downs to deal with wink

365ThingstoDo Wed 14-Jan-15 13:45:43

<de lurks> Oh good luck! It sounds really fabulous - am a SAHM teetering on the edge of returning to work and feel v inspired. Come back and tell us when you get it smile

sleepybee Sun 18-Jan-15 16:07:40

I grew up with both my parents working FT. It did not bother me/ I didn't notice I was different from others plus now I'd never dream of not working myself, hate taking sick days etc from work & I'm sure this is because my parents never did this.

Kelly1814 Sun 18-Jan-15 16:10:04

Wow if it's flexible then go for it! I went back part time but ended up,working full time hours. Resented the 30% pay cut so much I'm back doing full time now.

I have a very demanding, stressful, non flexible job now and I can't stand it.

I'd bite the hand off someone that offered me yours.

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