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Term-time only contracts

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marialuisa Fri 16-Apr-04 15:34:25

does anybody know much/anything about how these work? i've worked out that my annual leave covers all but 5 weks of DD's school hols and as i'm unhappy with childminder would like to try and get a term-time only contract. Personnel were distictly unhelpful (apparently such contracts are only available to "low grade clerical staff"!)but I want to try and make a case to my boss so any tips would be welcomed.

I work in a University registry and policy is to keep anyone below grade 5 on rolling 3 year fixed-term contracts, in case that confuses matters!

Tinker Fri 16-Apr-04 15:44:31

I work term-time and they are not restricted to a particular grade at all - how could that be fair? However, I don't know whether employers are obliged to comply, just must consider and give very good reasons why you can't do it. I think.

The maths of working it out - and it's quite complicated - is left to staff who deal with this kind of thing so can't help you there but your own personnel dept should since, presumably, some staff already do this.

Not sure what kind of tips you need really, surely it's because you want to do it. Think the onus is on your employer to justify why you can't

marialuisa Fri 16-Apr-04 15:51:18

Cheers Tinker. Haven't approached my direct boss atm, just went to personnel and was stared at in horror. Suspect it's because there is no-one else in the Uni at my level (or above)who is a working mum with a young child.

Anyone else know anything?

Batters Fri 16-Apr-04 18:58:56

marialuisa, have you tried contacting your union about this?

At my lovely new university () part time work is certainly not just for low grade staff; there are a number of staff on level 9, 10 and above in my department who work reduced hours. I think you are right and have simply been fobbed off.

I am very lucky in that officially I work part time all year round but my boss is happy for me to build up time off in lieu to help me cover holidays.

Tinker is also right - the onus is on your employer to formally consider your request and respond to you in writing setting out the clear reasons why you contact go onto a part time contract.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

marialuisa Fri 16-Apr-04 20:25:06

I'm academic-related rather than academic in a Russell group uni, so I think our grades must be different Batters. Over grade 6 and you're either the V-C or similar!

Not a member of the AUT but did have a "casual" conversation with local rep. Didn't get very far just got told that i'd never get promoted. Nice to know that some places are more enlightened though!

Batters Sat 17-Apr-04 13:45:07

Ah that is interesting marialuisa, at grade 11 I think, which is non-academic, you are a deputy registrarish type person in our university.

I do think you are being treated poorly here .

tamum Sat 17-Apr-04 13:54:35

I don't supose it will help much, but the relevant bit of our uni's HR pages is here . We have someone in HR who is committed to equal ops and very enthusiastic about it. If you have someone similar it would be worth approaching them directly to get them on side, I'd have thought. They've been good to me, I'm allowed very flexible working, but I'm an academic, and I think maybe it's easier to swing these things if you're not in admin.

marialuisa Sun 18-Apr-04 17:42:11

Thanks for those pages. Think I will try my boss and see if what he might consider. DH is an academic and of course is completely unwilling to take more than about 2 weeks off a year because of his precious research, grr!

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