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how do u know ur making the right decision!??

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daisydee43 Wed 26-Nov-14 07:19:36


im nearly 30 but had more jobs than i can count. every decision i have made so far in my career is wrong and im scared history will repeat. currently in job i hate which last year i qualified in as a career change!! now thinking of going back to original career and doing volunteer work to see if i like it as never really worked in office and my original career would be that. i hope this will help me decide.

had so many jobs in different industries - care, retail, horticulture, self employed and hated all.

im now going back to my degree in publicity and hope to god its right. i know it will be better paid and not so physically demanding which at 5months pg sounds amazing. but im scared that in 3 years ill regret this decision pls help. done careers advisor which was useless smile

allypally999 Wed 26-Nov-14 15:36:31

volunteering is a good idea, so is temping until you decide what you fancy

I never decided what I wanted, just ended up in most of my jobs so good luck!

iamthenewgirl Wed 26-Nov-14 23:30:28

You don't!

Write a list with all the things you liked and disliked and see where the patterns lie. Why have you left jobs?

Must admit, I have the same problem but have followed a career of sorts. I think my expectations are always too high!

basildonbond Thu 27-Nov-14 17:17:06

I think you need to be realistic about how attractive you're going to be right at the moment to a new employer. If you're 5 months pregnant and have no track record in publicity since your degree there's not really much incentive for an employer to take you on.

I think you'd be better off putting the next few months to good use by working out what you really want out of a job - hours, pay, type of work etc - and then drawing up a realistic plan of how to get there

daisydee43 Thu 27-Nov-14 20:36:55

hi basil
yeh not looking for job right now am hoping to look towards end of maternity leave. hopefully will be volunteering in publicity role in office few hrs a week will give me some newer expr.

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