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Apprenticeship Vacancies for over 25s as a lone parent

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GoingToCalifornia Tue 25-Nov-14 10:40:41

Local vacancies seem to be flooded with Apprenticeships lately, but as a way into training for an area I'm interested in I'm asking myself a couple of financial questions, and also, especially, surely after the year's up instead of offering you a full time job, they just sack you and get another Apprentice for free in so they can save £18k a year??

37.5 hours week


9.30 to 6pm

£112 per week

Childcare costs two children age 5 and 7
After School Club until 6.15pm=£73.50 week

If I recieve childcare vouchers it pays 75% of that so my actual childcare bill will be £18.50 weekly

Therefore take home wage will be £93.50 week

Would I receive Child Tax Credit and/or Working Tax Credit on top?
Or does an Apprenticeship job not qualify for those tax credits, or indeed childcare voucher scheme?

Unbelievably, my Jobcentre advisor said she 'didn't know' but her colleague might be able to advise, but neither did the colleague know!
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge?


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