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C.V.s - what if you're just not that amazing Head Girl, go getting kind of person

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winkywinkola Mon 24-Nov-14 14:18:36

but you know, you're a hard worker, quick to learn etc.

I'm trying to do my C.V. after a nine year gap (children).

I'm trying to establish myself as a freelance direct marketing senior account manager. I was a senior account manager before but employed by an agency.

I have 4 years agency side experience and 2 client side.

I am looking at C.V. templates and you know, it's really really hard to big yourself up on a sheet of A4.

Ultimately, I just worked (and worked).

As part of a team too, so I couldn't claim particularly good results (if I could remember them) as my own as I only project managed the campaigns.

Any helpful ideas or sites that I could visit to make things look better?

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